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High school

國一仁 沈芃 (101學年度優等)

 My Favorite Sport

Lots of people have their favorite sports. My favorite sport is swimming. I like to swim in summer because it makes me comfortable. When I swim, I always imagine that maybe I like a fish. So I can swim very well. I feel very cozy and cool when I swin. This is the reason for my favorite sport.

  Because I don’t exercise very much, my parents hope I can do more sports. My father taught me how to do that. But I couldn’t swim very well when I started to learn. I practiced again and again. Finally, I knew how to swim and I could swim very well. I’m so glad about that. Because I find my favorite sport and I can do it very well.

  Swimming makes me stay healthy. And it’s a very great sport for a girl who is a junior high school student. Swimming is a kind of entertainment for me. When I stay in a stressful situation, I’d like to swim to get rid of the stress. It makes me feel better. So swimming is my favorite sport.  

國一愛 林綵婕 (101學年度甲等)

Dear Tina:

This morning you took my pencil from my pencil case,I’m so angry because you have done this many times before.You remember?Last Monday afternoon while,we were studying Chinese, you took my dictionary without asking.I was so surprised,because that dictionary is so expensive.I cried, but you didn’t say sorry, I think you don’t remember it! Last Wednesday, you took my pencil, eraser, ruler and glue.This time, I didn’t cry, I walked up to you, I wanted to say” Can you please not take my things?”As I began to speak, you suddenly said,”Take this! they’re too cheap, I want to use some expensive things.”Then you went away.


Tina, I want to tell you”Can you please not take my things again?If you want to use them, you can tell me.I can lond them to you. Please stop doing this! Tina, if I see you take my things again without asking me, I will tell the police and the teacher. Please remember what I’ve say!


國一忠 陳映彤 (101學年度優等)

Dear Kevin,

I was very confused about why you always take my belongings. I hope you know that I’m really furious about this. That glue is mine, not yours. If you take my pens, erasers and rulers away, how can I finish my quiz and tests? I know you need those things, too. You can ask me to borrow them. I will give you my permission to take them away. When the teacher gives us homework that involves finding difficult keywords, I need my electronic dictionary to look up the definitions. Sometime I can’t finish my homework because you have taken away my dictionary.

I want to show you how inconvenient it is. When my belongings are gone, you should stop taking others belongings and bring your own stuff. If you understand how other classmates feel. You would stop. Everyone believes that one day you will understand, so we never tell our teacher about this. We forgive you all the time when you take our belongings, but please don’t make this mistake over and over.

Your classmate,
Karen Chen

國二孝 黃函敏 (101學年度甲等)

      Last summer, my family and I went to China to visit my grandparents. Before the trip, we both were rather excited.


      One day morning, my cousin, my sister and I went to a big pond to feed the fish and turtles. There were lots of special fish I’ve never seen before. And the turtles were so tiny that I didn’t know where their eyes were! We were talking and laughing when we fed them. Everything seemed fine. Suddenly, my cousin pushed me, I lost my balance, so I fell into the pond. Everything happened so quickly, I didn’t even know what happened. I was just in the deep pond.


      Because the pond was deep, I couldn’t reach the land. I was really scared that I thought I would die. Just then, my cousin pulled me up to the land. I just sat on the dirt, and kept coughing and breathing. I was very cold. My sister took off her jacket swiftly and gave it to me. After a while, they brought me home to take a hot bath.


      Since this accident happened, my cousin hasn’t talked to me even a word, but she looked really anxious. Three days later, she came to me and apologized. She said she was so sorry that she had no courage to talk to me. Eventually, I forgave her, and I thought I’ll never forget this “really excited” trip.

國二愛 林詠純 (101學年度甲等)

A Memorable Trip

        I’ve been to lots of places in my life. I’ve been to Sun Moon Lake, Hualian, Green Island and many other places, but I like Taipei 101 the best.

        Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world. I went there when I was eleven years old. It was a clear sunny day, My mom, my brother and I went together. We were so excited to go there. In Taipei 101, we went shopping first, and then we ate some pasta and drank a cup of milk tea for lunch. After that, we went shopping again for two hours. I bought a pair of shoes and some beautiful clothes. My brother bought two pants, some toys and cookies. My mom bought a pair of highheels and make-up. Then we went almost to the top of Taipei 101. We saw many small buildings and cars in Taipei City. Even though was really small, we still loved the view very much because it was cool and wonderful.

         In the past, I always thought that Taipei City was noisy and dirty, but now I love it very much. I can find many beautiful and wonderful things in this city. I like the views, the snacks, the buildings the histories, the people and the cultures here. Although many people in the world forgot this city, I will remember it forever. I hope that Taipei will be the most special city in the world, and survive in everyone’s heart. This trip let me fall in with love Taipei when I started to forget the wonderful things of it. Try the best, Taipei, you can do it!

國二愛 陳奕璇 (101學年度優等)

A Memorable Trip

       Taking a trip is a wonderful thing for me. I have been to a few countries, and the most unforgettable trip is a three-week trip too London.

       Before the trip, I thought London must be a big modern city with many high buildings and stores. When I got there, I realized that I was dead wrong. Actually, London is an old city. Even though you can still find many people walking on the street, you can’t find many cars there. The houses there were so old that they seem to be built over two hundred years ago. Besides, there are many historical buildings there in London. It really impressed me.

       London is a very beautiful city, too. Most of the photos I took there are about their sceneries. Their buildings, streets, rivers… Everything is so beautiful. It was just like a dream! Although I praise their sceneries so much, it’s not my favorite part. My favorite part of the trip is the museums I visited. The best of those was the British Museum. It’s one of the most famous scenic spots in London. The collections are really huge! The most popular exhibitions are the Ancient Greek Cultures and the Ancient Egyptian Cultures. They are both old and important civilizations in the world. The mummies and the statues are awesome! Before I visited there, I was really afraid of the mummies, which are dead people and animals! My mom supported my thoughts, too, but when we really saw them, I found they were not scary at all. I even think them interesting now!

       I really had lots of fun in London. All the things I had seen were brilliant! The days in London were the happiest time ever in my life. The trip really makes me feel it worths it really had expanded my horizon. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely go to London again. It’s my most memorable trip ever.

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